clublum summer newspage
NEWS ARCHIVES 2008-9: spring summer autumn winter/spring09
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Thank you VISUAL AIDS, Curators Steven Lam & Virginia Soloman, all the contributing artists and Gregg Bordowitz for his poem & reading in TAINTED LOVE at LaMaMa in June. The show, lectures and cabaret were lovingly reviewed by Holland Cotter in the NY Times. Amy Sadao & Nelson Santos have created another gorgeous Catalog. PDF available here.
Kyle Stephen of the BFI courageously screened AIDS CONFERENCE COCKSUCKERS in OUTFEST's Platinum Showcase at the Redcat in Walt Disney Hall with amazing shorts by Samara Halperin, Math Bass, Chris Vargas & Greg Youmans. Glittery Hollywood fun was had with Kyle & Jules Nurrish at Cheryl Dunye's Beyond the Frame & juror Mark Christopher at Outfest's Pool Party! Chris & Greg also screened INDELIBLE in QUEER PUBERTY at HOMO-A-Go-Go in San Francisco in August.
International media sensation WARBEAR and the TEKFestival family brought me to Roma again w/Pier Giorgio DePinto for "emoporn" in May. Fun in Italy w/Max, Anna, Christina, Laura(s), Luca & Valeria!
Tat Escobar, Oli Acosta & Max Rekarte, Nando and their sexy crew made the first Independiente deCine Para Adultos-Madrid spectacular with pornmakers Emilie Jouvet, Todd Verow, Roy Raz & Luca Doninni. The BerlinPornFest crew, Jurgen Claus & Kiki, joined Lorenzo Q in bustin' Madrid's sexfest cherry in XXXamazing May.
Diego Torres Penaloza visited clublum NYC in May & screened two shorts in the 2nd LaPaz Gay Film Fest in July!
TLV's Yair Hochner screened AIDS CONFERENCE COCKSUCKERS in TelAviv on my birthday in June and again w/the HiV Collection on Alternative Movie Nite in September.
Dreamboat Domi, Inbred Hybrid Collective himself, set clublum asail in the coolest room on the boat in May at Book Club Burlesque's MUTINEERS.